• I designed POLKA as an ideal – a trendy and capacious accessory that can change your shopping trip into a catwalk show. It is a light and durable, easy to carry traveling companion, whether you’re strolling around the city or along the beach.

    It will hold all your precious things, even a laptop. This is a bag which suits a modern woman’s needs – by giving her a choice of this season’s most wanted colors and accessories, which we are working on together with moimio.
  • Daria Burlińska
    holds a Masters degree from Industrial Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań, Poland. She co-founded DBWT (, a design studio. Her talent and eco-sensitivity have been recognized at prestigious design exhibitions and international trade shows.
POLKA is made of high-quality polyethylene. This modern material is often used by designers due to its many fine properties. With low weight it takes a lot of wear and tear. It’s malleable, eco-friendly, and what’s equally important – it displays vibrant colors beautifully.

Plastic accessories win the hearts of designers and fashionistas around the world. Their intense colors highlight the energy of a summer dress. They are a perfect match for a modern urban style, gauze dresses and more avant-garde compositions. For all fashion-following women plastic accessories are now a must-have.
Expect a wide range of additional accessories, which will make your POLKA as unique as you are. You can personalize it by picking our colorful attachments or hiding your treasures in a zip bag. Could it be even more useful, if we gave it a bicycle holder?

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We have created our offer with the environment in mind, because we owe a lot to our planet by drawing from its resources.

We use recycled materials, whether these are our products, their packages, or the office paper.

POLKA bags are made from high-quality polyethylene. Once they have been processed by a recycling facility, they can be used to make new products. As for packaging, it is made entirely of the eco-friendly substance. Even the business cards we use are always printed on ecological paper.
We love fashion. We enjoy well-designed objects, which emanate beauty and inspiration. We design modern accessories for women – special, but also very practical things created by young Polish designers. They like to work for people following fashion trends, who know that good design makes a quality difference.

We are fascinated by vivid colors, which make it impossible to overlook our fully charged products. They draw attention to our clients by highlighting their individuality, open minds, and optimism.

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